An E-book, or electronic book, is the digital file encompassing a body of text and pictures, appropriate for electronic layout and exhibiting on-screen in a form fairly identical to a conventional printed book.

Traditional printed books with diverse forms of communication have been around for ages now. Initially, there were some activity and gamebooks that came with some kind of props like a dice. Those were the Interactive books of those times, where interaction was one-way. Nowadays, an interactive eBook is a handy and shareable file, with elements such as voice files, simulations, quizzes, widgets, communicating questions, and surveys; all encompassed in that digital file. Although the initial Kindle variant in the market didn’t appear anything like the forthcoming, interactive eBooks and communicating elements reigned in the market, however. When interactive eBooks for children first arose, numerous companies tried to attach the tag interactive on everything they published. People in the publishing domain mistook simple and basic hyperlinks, external links, and clickable notes as the interactive aspects, but they are fundamental elements to any eBook. For interactive eBooks published for children, there should be interaction, command, and communication at every level to keep the learner and reader engaged. Interactive E-books are the ones that require two-way communication through commands and instructions.

We at Thomson Digital develop interactive E-books that are readable on all kinds of devices. Our learner-centric interactive E-books keeps the reader engaged and engrossed and elevates the reading experience. Interactive eBooks are also known as Enhanced eBooks. These have evolved and started for kids, for whom interaction and engagement were of prime necessity. Kids find it interesting and engrossing and learning and retention are enhanced manifold with these interactive eBooks. But gradually, eBooks started exploring the entire space and now there are interactive eBooks for all ages and readers of all kinds. The eBooks designed for children are essentially multimedia books. They can be presented on electronic devices like the Kindle, iPad, and Laptop, which are engineered for seeing the video and listening to audio files.

A static eBook with petite interactivity cannot make the reader attracted and glued. Thus, it is indispensable to involve readers with communicating reading experience. Being a leading eBook developing company, we enable publishers to implant graphically rich media elements and links. The powerful software backs up to import links within PDF files, irrespective of their being internal and external. Moreover, to offer readers with higher levels of interactivity, we offer entrench interactive graphically enhancing media elements, incorporated in audio, video, slideshow, and SWF. Most of the publishers require the interactive eBook in HTML5 format to permit it to work effortlessly on the most recent mobile devices. We provide an unparallelly experience to readers who are hands-on touch screens and are comfortable in swiping, clicking and touching. They can enjoy the luxury and excitement of interactive reading programs with a vast array of thrilling eBooks. Our interactive eBooks take away the boredom of print media and excites the reader with its stimulating media elements. Learning and retention increase manifold and the readers develop a knack to read more