Emerging Trends

With the constant evolution of trends in every organization, it has become extremely crucial to develop employee training modules that keep them in tune with the latest advancements in the organization. Trainings can be taken by learners in various forms including mobile-based training, video-based training, games-based training etc. Instructor led training is known to be one of the most popular form of training solution among business organizations.


Instructor-led training is a form of e-learning solution that is presented to the learners in a training area/room and is led by an educator. The educator/instructor can be more than one in number. The instructor educates and provides training to learners on a special skill. The instructor could use numerous mediums including lectures, group discussions, presentations, demonstrations etc. This type of training is extremely beneficial for learners when the topic of education is complex to understand and might include discussion with the learners. The instructor provides in-hand answers to questions and resolves the queries arising in the minds of learners. The continuous discussion with the trainer helps in keeping the learners engaged, thus providing an enhanced learning experience.


Virtual Instructor-led Training or VILT

Virtual instructor-led training has emerged as one of the rapidly growing e-learning solutions in the industry. Virtual instructor-led training basically refers to a training module where the instructor/educator and the learners are located at different locations and the training is provided to the learners in a virtual environment. The training session can take place synchronously or asynchronously in VILT solutions. A virtual environment is created for the educator and learners to initiate interaction among them.


Software industry has majorly promoted Virtual instructor-led training as it forms a practical solution that can reach a wide mass of audience efficiently and cost effectively. Nor has the training module educated numerous but has also transformed the prevailing system of imparting education or training. With growing needs and requirements, business organizations are continually moving over and adopting the VILT form of training and development sessions for their employees. Other important usages of VILT include product training, sales training, employee onboarding etc.


Virtual Instructor-led Training or VILT Advantages

  • Cost Efficiency

Virtual instructor-led training solutions are conducted in a virtual space as the learners and the instructor are located at different places which eliminate the travel and lodging cost.

  • Convenience

The learners and instructor feel a sense of comfort and convenience as they can attend the training session from any place they like.

  • Modular Design

Considering every type of learners, virtual instructor-led training solutions are developed in bite or small sized modules so that they can be clubbed with any other course as well.

  • Enhance Capacity

As the VILT module does not require the audience to be present at a particular place, the training session can be attended by a broad mass of audience.

  • Supports Diversity

The VILT solutions are designed and developed in a manner that it can be attended by learners belonging to any culture or geographical location.